Transitional Justice and the Ongoing Kurdish Issue in Turkey from the Perspectives of the Wives of the Disappeared


Akademik Ünvan: Diğer
Bağlı olduğunuz Kurum: LUND UNI.
Yıl: 2015
Format: Yüksek lisans tezi

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The aim of this thesis is to examine how Turkey's "proto-transition" regarding the Kurdish issue is gendered in the light of the narratives of a particular set of victims, the wives of the disappeared. The conflict between the Turkish military and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan or PKK) has been ongoing for more than three decades.
During 1980s and 1990s, enforced disappearances were practiced systematically, especially in the state of emergency (OHAL) region, as a result of the concept of "struggle against terror". Contrary to the traditional understanding of transitional justice which requires the change to democratic regime from the nondemocratic rule, the transitional justice mechanisms have been employed in Turkey in the context of ongoing conflict. This study indicates that gender-sensitive reparative response should be provided on the following issues: financial compensation, truth, gendered harm, access to justice, exhumations and reburials, the declaration of disappearance, memorialization and democracy reform package.

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