Yeni Sosyal Hareketler Bağlamında Türkiye'de Kadın

Şenay Leyla

Akademik Ünvan: Dr.
Bağlı olduğunuz Kurum:
Yıl: 2006
Format: Doktora sonrası

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Woman movement is one of the areas that social relations network have become crystallized. Because of this property, it cannot be thought neither as an absolute group difference nor a theoretic expansion intensifying this difference.

The effort to give a meaning to process of including gender and role expectations to a cultural from rather than making these expectations efficient is very important. It is seen inevitable not to discuss the effectiveness struggle of woman movement that claims to transform social gender.

In front of identity definitions with reference of difference and theme focused movements, the effectiveness of woman movement comes into current agenda. The theoretic contribution of postmodern declaration, making difference privileged, accompanies this process.

The woman movement in Turkey has been shaping both by the demands of new and old social movements. In this respect, gender equality claims of social government must be discussed with these demands of the woman movement. The aim of this paper is to question difference and equality concepts of woman movement, developed in Turkey after 1980's, in social government basis. It is thought that such a questioning can clarify the effectiveness struggle of woman movement.

(yönlendiren: İrem Karamanop)

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