The Women´s Culture Foundation Istanbul was founded on 8 March 2011 in order to create the Women´s Museum Istanbul, as it was felt that there was a need for one given the importance of the issue. it is regarded as a gift for future generations.

By initiating the project of the Women´s Museum Istanbul, the Foundation has creates a space to inform about and honor women´s contribution in the city's almost 2700 years' history. The Women's Museum Istanbul to function as a professional institution based on world-standard understanding and the criteria of contemporary museology.

The Foundation also promotes partnerships of the local and foreign scientific and cultural institutions engaging in similar work and helps to initiate social responsiblity projects in women´s history as well as to advise other cities on establishing musems of women.

Gülümser Yıldırım
Board Chair
Women´s Culture Foundation Istanbul

Translation into English: Ebru Şanlıtürk, Istanbul, Turkey
Editing: David Heath, Nuremberg, Germany
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