Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

What kind of phases does a museum go through during the establishment process?

If you have always wondered the answer of that question, you may satisfy your curiosity by working as an intern during the preparation process of the Istanbul Kadın Müzesi!
Istanbul Women´s Museum is now in the period of establishment. Counter to that and because of that, there are many steps to be taken and much work to be done!
If you consider the words "museum", "art", "culture" and "Istanbul" interesting in the context of "woman" and if you;
  • Are responsive to women's issues
  • Are a university student at Women and Gender Studies and/or Communication Studies, Fine Arts or Literature
  • Know the social media network well and use them often
  • Have a good knowledge of MS Office applications
  • Can write and speak fluently in Turkish language

we would be happy to welcome you in our museum workgroup!

  • You may be active in various projects of the workgroup
  • You would get to know the museum workgroup
  • You would get to know other interns with similar areas of interest.
  • The experience you will get would enrich your theoretical education with practical study.
  • You will get the chance to add a significant experience to your CV.
  • You would enrich your memories with the conciousness of being a part of the establishment process of a special women's Project, Women's Museum Istanbul.
  • The insternship is based on volunteer work, no payments will be made.

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    Translation into English: Ebru Şanlıtürk, Istanbul Turkey
    Editing: Bill Costantinidis, Cidda, Saudi Arabia
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