Teachers' Programs

Teachers' Programs

The educational programs of the Women's Museum Istanbul will kindle interest in the subject of women's history in the city, strengthen reflections on the history of women in the city, and create for those who live in the city a deep curiosity about and interest in the history of women in the city.

In the service of this goal, workshops designed for educators will be offered by the Women's Museum Istanbul. In these workshops, you will find practical resources in our curriculum based upon the Museum's permanent exhibition and will become acquainted with special materials that can be used while visiting the Museum's webpage online or while visiting the Museum with students.

In addition, you will be kept informed of the various projects of The Women's Museum Istanbul regarding the history of women in the city that will be presented by the Museum's educational staff at various schools.

The Women's Museum Istanbul is currently searching for a suitable physical location. The educational programs for teachers will begin after the opening of The Istanbul Women's Museum.

Women's Museum Istanbul

Translation into English: Margaret Fearey, Milton, Massachusetts, USA
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